Find the perfect bicycle computer

           Having a bicycle computer will revolutionize your bike riding experience.  The first cyclocomputer just measured tire rotation, which is how they figured out the distance traveled.  Today you can find wireless bicycle computers with features that can bring a lot more to your ride. Whether you just want to know your speed and have a convient clock or compare your results with the best in the world a bicycle computer will assist you.

Bell bicycle computer, bicycle computer, bicycle

The Bell dashboard 100 12 function cyclocomputer

           If you do not want to break the bank check out the affordable Bell bicycle computer.  The Bell dashboard 100 12 function cyclocomputer is a great choice for beginners at twelve dollars.  It has twelve functions including current speed and distance traveled so you can more accurately gage your performance.  You will also find a 12 and 24 hour clock; so running late for dinner will be a thing of the past.

Sigma bike computer, bicycle computer, bicycle

Sigma BC16.12 STS Cadence wireless bike computer

           When taking your bike riding to the next level a Sigma bicycle computer is a great option .  The Sigma BC16.12 STS Cadence wireless bike computer has a lot of functions to help personalize your trip. You can program two bikes, and switching bikes is as easy as snap on snap off.  Backing up your information is more convenient thanks to the storage chip this computer comes with.  Having the auto start/ stop function you will not have to worry about messing with your bicycle computer before hitting the road.  Knowing the cadence reading (crank arms revolutions per minute) is important to bicycle racing and this computer will show your current and average cadence.  You can also check the current or average speed and compare the two.  Installation is easy because it is just plug in and go.  With all these features eighty dollars is a small price to pay.

Garmin bike computer, bicycle computer, bicycle

Garmin edge 200 gps- enabled bike computer

            When looking for the best bicycle computer check out Garmin bicycle computers.  The Garmin edge 200 gps- enabled bike computer has many features for the one hundred and thirty dollar price tag.  You will find the normal features like time, speed, and even gps location.  But what sets this computer apart is the Garmin Connect. This allows you to upload your trip results online.  You can then compare these results to other riders and challenge them to a competition.

           No matter what your budget is, there is a bicycle computer for you.  For a basic model the Bell dashboard 100 12 function cyclocomputer is perfect.  If you would like to personalize your experience then the Sigma BC16.12 STS Cadence Wireless bike computer will let you do that and more.  When that competitive drive can not be satisfied try using the Garmin edge 200 gps-enabled bike computer.

Understanding bicycle pumps

            What is the best bicycle pump?  That depends on the user.  Before spending hours staring at all the bicycle pumps your local shop offers, make sure to check which valve is needed.   Bicycle air pumps offer the freedom to inflate a tire without the need of any power except a little elbow grease.  If there is no time to wait for a standard pump then an electric pump is perfect.  There are many replacement parts if one of these pumps were to break.  Having a bicycle pump in your repair kit is always a great idea.

            When choosing a bicycle pump be sure to look at the valve that it will be used on.  The Schrader valve is the most common valve in the United States.  It is used widely in the automotive and cycling industries, because of a pin that will keep the valve shut unless pressed.  Schrader valves (8mm) are wider than Presta valves (6mm).  Presta valves are used on certain mountain bikes and on narrow high pressure bicycle road tires.  The third type of valve is the Woods valve which is used in Asia and Europe.  After you know which valve your tire uses you will need to decide on a pump.

Bicycle air pump, bicycle pumps, bicycle

Bicycle air pump

            Bicycle air pumps have been used since the early 1890’s, when shortly after the invention of pneumatic tires, people realized that tires went flat from time to time.  They work by displacing air from a sealed container into a focused area.  Two types of air pumps are foot and hand pumps.  Foot pumps can be used on a mountain bike, but for narrow road tires a higher PSI is recommended.  A hand pump is convenient to store on a bicycle frame or in a backpack because of there small size.  For the same reason, they will take longer to air up a tire.   Check out bicycle air pumps and bicycle hand pumps for between ten and thirty dollars.  If you want to save your energy for the road or trail then I would try an electric pump.

Electric bicycle pump, bicycle pumps, bicycle

Electric bicycle pump

            When deciding on an electric bicycle pump, first determine if it will be used.  These pumps require a power source, either from a car or portable generator.  So for an emergency pump I would go for an air pump because you can operate it yourself.  But an electric pump is much smaller than a standard foot pump, and would not even be noticed in the back of a car.  Since they do not rely on the strength of the user, they will pump up a tire much faster than a hand pump.  Find the perfect electric bicycle pump for between thirty and fifty dollars here.  When your pump breaks down you will need a part to fix it.

            Looking for replacement bicycle pump parts can be easy, do to the fact that there are not that many parts that make up a pump.  For all these parts make sure that they are for your pump or they have universal fits.  Replacement hoses will cost ten to twenty dollars.  A new pump head is less, costing under ten dollars.  A new pump gage can cost anywhere from ten to thirty dollars.  These parts can get your pump working again in no time.

           Getting a flat tire is only a day ending obstacle if you are unprepared.  A bicycle tire pump is essential for fixing a flat.  Looking for a pump begins with the valve on your bicycle tire.  Air pumps are more reliable but electric pumps will get the job done fast.  If that pump you buy ever breaks, purchasing cheap replacement parts are only a click away.

Bicycle repair 101

           A bicycle that is used often will be expected to ware down over time.   Once something finally goes, whether it is a tire puncture or a chain breaking, it will need to be repaired.  When dealing with a bicycle repair you can have someone do it for you or do it yourself.  Fixing a bicycle by yourself will be cheaper and provide a better understanding of how your bike works.  A bicycle repair stand will speed up the repair process, allowing you to get back on the road faster.   It would be pretty difficult to do any kind of repair without some kind of kit.  A flat tire is one of the most common issues you will face with your bicycle.

Bicycle repair stand, bicycle repair, bicycle

Bicycle repair stand

           The invention of the bicycle repair stand spawned a thriving industry of tools built specifically for bicycles.  In 1963, Howard Hawkins and Art Endstrom noticed a need for tools to fix the bicycles that were becoming more complex.  Through there observations they were able to invent a stand that would firmly hold a bicycle in place, and allow easy access to parts that needed repaired.  Today bicycle repair stands are conveniently adjustable and have clamps to hold your bicycle similar to a bicycle rack.  Purchasing a bicycle repair stand here for between forty and one hundred dollars.  After your bicycle is up on your stand, you will just need some tools to work on it.

Bicycle repair kit, bicycle repair, bicycle

Bicycle repair kit

           Having a bicycle repair kit will allow you to perform maintenance on your bicycle.  In a typical repair kit you should find a variety of wrenches including a cone wrench for adjusting your hub bearings.  A chain tool is great for mending your chain.  You should also find a multi tool that will have hex or Allan tools.  Check out bicycle repair kits ranging from ten to one hundred and fifty dollars here, depending on quality and variety of tools.

           Whether you need a bicycle tire repair kit on the road or in your garage they are a great item to have.  You should expect to see patches and an adhesive that will get your tire back on the road.  When the tear in your tire is too large it is a good idea to have a tire lever to put on that replacement tube.  If you do need replace the tube you will also need a bicycle pump to air up your tire.  You can find a bicycle repair kit for under ten dollars.

           Sooner or later you will need to repair your bicycle.  Being able to put your bike on a stand will speed up any repair.  Finding a well stock repair kit will allow you to work on your bicycle in confidence.  Having a bicycle puncture repair kit when you are on the road can prevent you from becoming stranded.  Good bicycle maintenance will keep you moving forward.

Bicycle baskets

          Bicycle baskets are a great way to utilize the unused space in the front and rear of the bike.  When deciding on a basket the goal is to focus on what it will be used for.  Having a dog bicycle basket is a great way to help spend the day with Fido.  Wicker bicycle baskets help you look stylish when traveling from point A to point B.  Whether you want to give your pet a ride or travel in style a bicycle basket is a great way to transport things.

Rear Bicycle Basket, bicycle baskets, bicycle

Rear Bicycle Basket

          Pedaling down the road on a bicycle with an armful of anything can be really frustrating.  Luckily there is another option! In front of and behind any bike there is a lot of unused space.  This room can be easily utilized buy purchasing a front or rear bicycle basket.  Find an affordable price for a bicycle basket from thirty to fifty dollars here. Many of these baskets detach with little to no effort, so you will not have to worry about your bike fitting on your bicycle rack.  They are great for picnics because the comfortable handle makes it easy to carry.  If you were planning on storing an animal instead of food then a pet bicycle basket is for you.

Pet bicycle basket, bicycle baskets, bicycle

Pet bicycle basket

          Riding a bicycle can be a wonderful experience.  Sharing that experience with a pet companion has never been easier.  With a pet bicycle basket, your furry friend will be able to join in on all the fun it is to ride a bike in the park.  Finding a pet basket that has a removable inner pad is a good idea incase little Fido has an accident.  When the clouds open up and release there contents, protect Fido with a rain cover.  A few pockets to store toys or treats to reward your animal are always a great choice.  Check out these pet bicycle baskets ranging from fifty and one hundred dollars.  If you are more interested in a stylish basket then I would try a retro wicker basket.

Wicker bicycle basket, bicycle baskets, bicycle

Wicker bicycle basket

          Ancient Egyptians used wicker because of its strength and sturdiness.  It is clear that its reputation has stood the test of time.  Some people prefer a wicker bicycle basket because of the feel and overall look.  With a weather resistant coating you will not have to worry about getting caught in a refreshing spring rain.  Having a quick- release bracket on your basket means you can take it anywhere.  This also allows for faster modifications when upgrading your bicycle.  Finding a wicker bicycle basket here for fewer than thirty dollars should not be a problem.

          Having the freedom to bring animals and items on a bike ride can be a liberating experience.  A bicycle front basket and or rear basket can really make riding a bike to the grocery store a feasible option.  The comfort that a dog bicycle basket can offer is unparalleled.  An animal should feel much safer in a basket making them more docile.  Nothing brings an aesthetic boost like a wicker bicycle basket.  Having a bicycle basket will not only make a bicycle look better but will give it a utilitarian propose.

Storage with bicycle racks


         There are plenty of options when looking for bicycle racks. Proper Bicycle storage is important to protecting your investment.  If transporting a bicycle is what you desire then a car, truck, or suv rack is a perfect choice.  Storing and transporting a bicycle can be a strenuous task, but with the right equipment and guidance your bike will be in top shape for what ever activity you have planned.

Bicycle racks, bicycle

Bicycle racks

            When deciding on a bicycle storage rack you should take into account how much effort you want to go through before hitting the road.  With most bicycle storage racks for garages you will be hanging your bicycle from the wall or ceiling.  This may be cumbersome if your garage is already full or you are vertically challenged.  But you can rest easy knowing that your bicycle is clean and protected from the elements.  There are also storage racks that rest on the ground and allow for easy in and out access.  These are great if you happen to live in a climate with little rain and do not have to worry about your bicycle disintegrating.  Check out these bicycle racks for thirty to sixty dollars.  One thing to keep in mind with these outdoor racks is security.  It is always a good idea to have a bicycle lock on hand to deter any would be robbers.

Bicycle car racks, bicycle racks, bicycle

Bicycle car racks

           Some people will avoid amazing trails because they do not have the means to transport there bicycle.  It is important to have a bicycle car rack so the upholstery in your vehicle will be protected, from your dirty bikes at least.  Bicycle racks for cars are easy to install and can be affordable.  Check out these bicycle car racks ranging in price for thirty to one hundred dollars depending on how many bikes you want to transport.

          The beautiful thing about Bicycle racks for trucks is that the storage space is already there in your bed.  They are just a way to help secure the bicycle in the bed while not added any length to your vehicle like a car or suv rack.  These can range from fifty to three hundred dollars.

Bicycle racks for suv, bicycle racks, bicycle

Bicycle racks for suv

           Bicycle racks for suvs can get your bikes to any destination whether you have one, three, or five.  These can be mounted on top or behind the suv.  Top mounted racks are thirty to one hundred dollars.  There are a few more options when dealing with a rack mounted from the back of the vehicle.  Hoping for a meditative bike ride for one, then a bicycle rack for around thirty dollars is perfect.  If you are taking a couple friends on the trails then a rack for three would run thirty five to seventy dollars.  Going to the park with the family has never been easier thanks to racks that can hold up to five bicycles.  You can purchase a bicycle suv rack here for around one hundred dollars.

           When deciding on a bicycle rack, make sure to decide where you are going to be storing it.  Storing a bike in a garage is also a great option to help protect it.  When transporting a bicycle, be sure to choose one that matches your vehicle whether it is a car, truck or suv.

Bicycle helmet Accessories

           There are many types of bicycle helmets even infant bicycle helmets.  But the most incredible thing is the variety of bicycle helmet accessories you can use to upgrade them.  Attachable lights will provide safety while illuminating your path.  Helmet cameras provide the opportunity to share your hobby with your friends and family.  Nothing is more nerve racking then having a car sneak up on you; luckily helmet mirrors will help eliminate those blind spots.  With an abundance of accessories available for your bicycle helmet, you should have no problem getting to your destination safely or remembering how you got to your secret spot.

Bicycle helmet light, bicycle helmet Accessories, bicycle

Bicycle helmet light

           When taking those night rides it is always a good idea to have a bicycle helmet light equipped.  Not only will you be able to see where you are going but other people on the road can see you coming.  A good dependable bicycle helmet light can be found here for as little as twenty to thirty dollars.  These lights will usually have different modes in which the light beam will change colors or begin blinking; which is great if your goal is to be noticed by other travelers.  Attaching them should be no hassle.  After being able to see the trail in front of you, recording what you see and where you go is next on your journey.

Bicycle helmet camera, bicycle helmet Accessories, bicycle

Bicycle helmet camera

           Bicycle helmet cameras are perfect for recording those amazing trail adventures and saving them for a rainy day.  When purchasing a camera I would recommend getting one that is water resistance and tough to help keep up with you.  You can find a standard definition camera for under ten dollars, but remember that you get what you pay for.  Check out these bicycle helmet cameras for between fifty and three hundred dollars to provide a 1080p high definition experience that will fully capture the moment.  Although a helmet camera will let you see into the past it will not allow you to see behind you like a mirror can.

Bicycle helmet mirror, bicycle helmet Accessories, bicycle

Bicycle helmet mirror

           Feeling safe on the road with cars and other riders whipping by can be really hard sometimes but with a bicycle helmet mirror you will always know when someone is coming. Once you use a bicycle helmet mirror you will never feel safe with out it.  These mirrors will show you when a car or fellow racer is pacing, allowing you to perform safe counter measures if needed.  With a couple zip ties you will be sure your mirrors are firmly connected.  Find a bicycle helmet mirror here for only fifteen to forty dollars so you can always see what is coming from behind.

           Bicycle helmets can be customized to increase there utilitarian purpose.  Helmet lights are essential to riding at night or dusk.  They will alert others you are coming and decrease the chances of you getting struck.  Helmet mirrors provide a feeling of safety and confidence.  Other recreational upgrades, like helmet cameras, will bring a whole new amazing aspect to your cycling journey.  Making the best bicycle helmet will take time and patience, but do not worry because there are plenty of accessories to get you there.

Understanding bicycle motor kits

           Nothing is more exhilarating than zipping around on a motorized bicycle. Bicycle motor kits will help transform your bicycle into a mean and possibly a green machine.  For an old school option, the gas motor would be perfect.  If the environment is important to you then perhaps you would prefer an electric motor.  A motorized bicycle is a fun and affordable option for anyone.

Bicycle gas motor kit, bicycle motor kits, bicycle

Bicycle gas motor kit

           Bicycle gas motor kits surged in popularity in the 1960’s.  They mainly used inexpensive 2 stroke engines.  In the 1990’s new U.S. emission laws were passed.  These new laws almost phased out the bicycle 2 stroke gas motors.  In order to continue riding there bikes, people began using more fuel efficient 4 stroke engines.  Both 2 stroke and even 4 stroke engines have a good amount of power; allowing them to be able to go over a hill with no problem.  Purchase a bicycle gas motor kit here for one hundred and seventy five to three hundred dollars. While these options provide a good deal of power there is no avoiding the harm to the ozone.    If you are looking for a more green option then I would go with an electric motor.

Bicycle electric motor kit, bicycle motor kits, bicycle

Bicycle electric motor kit

           The main difference between a gas and electric motor is the electric motor gives off no emissions.  You can find a bicycle electric motor kit here for between two hundred and fifty and six hundred dollars.  You can charge your motor at home or using an AC adapter for your car.  Because these motors have no moving parts they will last a lot longer because there is less friction to break down your engine.   An additional bonus to the minimal friction is that it is much quieter than a gas engine.  Once you have a motor in mind, you should find the right conversion kit.

           Finding everything you need for a bicycle motor conversion individually would take forever.   Thankfully you will be able to find everything you will need to upgrade your bike in a typical bicycle motor conversion kit.  A standard kit should include a brushless hub motor.  This is what will drive you forward.  Next make sure there is a wheel that matches your bike.  This wheel will catch the power from the engine and send you off in a desired direction.  Finally, check for handbrakes.  You will need to stop sooner or later.  I would also invest in a bicycle computer to complete your bikes transformation.

           When shopping for a motor kit for a bicycle, look no further than the bike you intend to upgrade.  If you have a 60’s bike and want that classic look then go for a 2 stroke.  If you want to use this as a cheap way to get from point A to point B then get an electric motor.  Make sure to get a conversion kit to take away the headaches of compiling the parts yourself.

Safety with bicycle locks

           Searching for bicycle locks may seem like a daunting task, but with the right information the best bicycle lock is just around the corner.  The three main types of lock mechanisms are u locks or d locks; these will secure a bike frame or wheel.  Chains and cables are options for a more flexible approach.  For a more unique lock, a Seatylock or pinhead lock will be perfect.  Knowing how much to spend and which lock is needed is a crucial aspect to buying a bicycle locks.

Bicycle lock, bicycle locks, bicycle

Bicycle D- lock

           For a traditional approach to locking a bicycle, look no further than the top three: U lock or D lock, Chains, and cables.  A U lock or D lock get there name from the hardened performance steel that is in the shape they resemble.  Coming in at between fifteen and fifty dollars these are a great bicycle wheel lock.  They can also be used to secure the frame.  The difference between bicycle chain locks and bicycle cable locks are chains are metal links and cables are solid braided steel, both provide a flexible option when protecting a bicycle.  Both can be used to lock down the frame, seat, wheels, or any other accessories.  You can find chain locks here for between thirty and one hundred dollars and cables locks here for around fifteen dollars.

Bicycle chain lock, bicycle locks, bicycle

Bicycle chain lock

           Seatylock is a revolutionary lock system.  It is a comfortable seat that can transform into a sturdy one meter chain, which will protect against a robber.  This bicycle seat lock can be tracked in case of theft.  It has seven colors to choose from including red, green, and pink.  A lock scratching the frame is a thing of the past, because these locks are coated in plastic protecting your frame.  They cost around one hundred and fifty dollars.  Seatylock provides comfort, security, and freedom in one package.

Bicycle wheel lock, bicycle locks, bicycle

Bicycle wheel lock

           Pinhead locks are a great way to protect your bicycle.  They are a system that can be installed on the bike.  Most commonly used as a bicycle wheel lock being installed in the axle, this piece will not go anywhere until it is unlocked with a personalized key that uses a nine digit code.  They are great because once installed you don’t have to carry a lock in a bag or bicycle basket.

           After knowing what part of a bicycle needs to be protected finding the appropriate lock is easy.  When choosing from a u lock, chain, or cable, make sure it is good quality and affordable.  If carrying a lock is out of the question try using a Seatylock.  For a convenient extra layer of protection any Pinhead product is a great option.  Using a combination of any of these locks is always a great idea.